The DARe-Learning platform offers new opportunities for academic teachers 


obrazek niepełnosprawność wzrokowaDARe-Learning is an e-learning course for academic teachers wishing to improve their qualifications in terms of offering support to students with disabilities. It is a supplement and an extension of the group workshop whose aim is to build disability awareness and give the participants the opportunity to discuss and think over their attitudes towards the presence of students with disabilities in the university community. It also summarises and systemises the knowledge acquired during the group workshop. Additionally, thanks to its structure, it facilitates fast and easy access to information concerning the educational difficulties met by students with a given disability as well as possible adaptations which could prove useful in individual cases. 
Academic teachers can also use the course as an introduction to disability when unable to take part in the full training programme developed by the DARe-Learning project. In that case, the participant will obtain, in a condensed format, information concerning difficulties met by persons with individual disabilities in daily life and during university studies. He/she will also learn what should be done in order to hopefully reduce or even eliminate the existing limitations. 
The material covers both “classic” disabilities such as those of sight, mobility or hearing as well as  those resulting from mental-health difficulties or chronic diseases forcing people to change their lifestyles, and consequently to modify the way they pursue university studies. The training course also covers modules on speech impairments and specific learning difficulties. 
The material has been arranged in a clear fashion, following a recurring pattern for each type of disability described. Thanks to such a structure it is easy to capture differences and similarities between the needs of students with educational difficulties as well as to find information needed ad hoc, for those who having completed the course would like to return to it after some time looking for a solution to a specific issue. 
The course is summarised, and the knowledge acquired in it tested, by an educational game based on the academic experiences of four students. The characters featuring in the game: Jan, Julia, Piotr and Barbara have actually existed and received educational support at their universities thanks to which they were able to complete the studies successfully. The course participant’s task is to “lead” each of them through a single university course. Once all the four characters have obtained a course-completion credit, the DARe-Learning training course can be deemed successfully completed by the teacher participating in the course. 
The authors of the programme recommend using the entire offer developed by the DARe-Learning project, that is the group workshop and the e-learning course, as well as becoming familiar with the package of publications collected here. 


To use the e-learning platform, please send an e-mail to don@uj.edu.pl.
Once the form has been completed, the trainer delivering the course will within a few days provide you with an access login and a password enabling you to use the platform. We wholeheartedly encourage all the Jagiellonian University teachers to use the wealth of materials to be found on the platform!