About DARE projects


The DARe-Learning project consortium brings together four European universities:

  • The Jagiellonian University of Krakow (project promoter),
  • Pierre and Marie Curie University of Paris,
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and
  • Charles University of Prague.

 The Dare-Learning project is an already third edition of the DARE (Disability Awareness - a New Challenge for Employees) “project family”. Here are the already completed endeavours:

  • DARE (2007-2009), a project which developed disability awareness training courses for academic teachers in four language versions. The project partners were: the University of Padua (Italy), Learning Difference Ltd (a British company), Fepamic (a Spanish organisation), and Euroinform (a Bulgarian organisation).
  • DARE 2 (2009-2011), a project in which we were joined by the University of Iceland from Reykjavik and Cyprus Adult Education Association.

 And so another two language versions of the training courses were developed as well as an entirely new disability awareness course, this time for managers from small and medium-sized enterprises.

 In the DARe-Learning project, we have decided to make use of a distance-learning platform and to release a wealth of materials developed in the two previous project editions in the public domain as well as to make available new materials prepared with those teachers in mind who may wish to learn with us via the Internet. This responds to numerous questions and requests to share our knowledge and experience with other schools of higher education and other bodies and organisations wishing to implement the principles of inclusive education.