DARe-Learning partnership

 Jagiellonian University in Krakow is the oldest and one of the biggest Polish universities. It is well-founded on the ages of tradition, however still is a dynamically developing center for humanities and science. It also remains at the top number of universities being chosen by prospective students. Disability Support Service originated in 1999 is the educational support center for persons with disabilities and various forms of difficulties in learning and enabling them to access education at the equal level as any other student of the university, irrespectively to their disability or difficulties. The Service consistently picks up activities and projects that promote the idea of the knowledge society and to reduce the level of social exclusion by the more inclusive education for all.

Pierre and Marie Curie University (UMPC), Paris is an educational establishment teaching mostly medical and engineering subjects.  The oldest existing Disability Support Service was established there and works with circa 250 nowadays. The university has a wide range programme of supporting disabled students that also helps them to get introduced into the labour market.

Charles University, Prague is one of the oldest university that was founded by the Bohemian and Roman king – Charles IV. Today it educates students in humanities, theology and art as well as science, medicine or mathematics. As part of Humanities Faculty, there is a Language Resources Centre, actively involved in supporting disabled students by use of manifold techniques, especially in the field of teaching foreign languages.

Aristotle University in Thesalonniki (A.U.Th) is the biggest university in Greece. It offers a wide range of subjects and specialties. As an intrinsic body of the university there is the Social and Public Health Committee that  - as one of its activities – takes care for an equal access of disabled students to education. It accomplishes its role by enabling education in the variety of formats, which are available to partially sighted, deaf and hard-of-hearing persons. It also cooperates with other university departments to make all buildings accessible and safe to move around.