Quality Management Group – QMG 


Quality Management Group is a group of external experts working for the DARe-Learning consortium. They advise partners how to achieve the best possible quality results and to ensure transferring knowledge based on reliable resources and most recent achievements in the field of culture and science.  

Currently, following members joined the QMG:

Shirley Evans, Special Projects Officer in JISC (‘Joint Information Systems Committee’) TechDis (UK) – it is an organization, leader in inclusive technologies, they specialize in consultation and education, but also run research to explore existing solutions for persons with disabilities.

Bernard Quinn, Learning-Difference Ltd director (UK) – it is an institution that offers training and advice to companies in regard to best practice of working with persons with disabilities.

Gerard Lefranc, an engineer in electronics and software, experienced in Thales Group management; he participates in an activity supported by French government that aims to help students to find employment; he was an expert working in the commission preparing regulations for inclusive employment; he is also a manager of Thales, programme developing technological tools helping persons with disabilities.