The training courses developed by the DARe-Learning project target academic teachers wishing to perfect their professional competences in educating disabled students. They aim to provide the participants with knowledge of disability and its consequences for disabled persons as university students.

The training courses on offer have the format of group training enriched with supplementary e-learning modules. The training-course content is based on a variety of working techniques actively using the experiences contributed by individual members. The training materials are multimedia (educational films and presentations), whilst the exercises prepared for the trainees are based on such activating methods as brainstorm, discussions or role-play. The e-learning modules serve to sum up the key information provided during the workshops and include additional materials extending the scope of the knowledge gained. They also comprise tasks and exercises which are useful in testing and checking one’s skills acquired during the training course.

The classroom-based training and e-learning modules complement each other. We realise, however, that as a free-of-charge distance learning platform has been developed, many teachers will choose only the e-learning course, if only for reasons of physical distance and the costs involved. And so we are trying to shape it in such a way as to make it the starting point en route towards learning more about disability as well as an inspiration to embark on yet another quest and pursue further learning.

That is why the e-learning platform is accompanied by many other educational materials developed until now by the partners of all the DARE project editions as well as the project promoter’s own materials. This entire wealth of knowledge and experience is offered in the public domain in the countries of the consortium so that the notion of inclusive education can be developed further.