Transnational Steering Group


Marie Dolezalova, deputy head of Language Resources Centre, Charles University in Prague. Advisor to disabled students, experienced in running project, also at Leonardo da Vinci LLP programme as well as in preparing online resources about disability

Katerina Samalova, deputy head of Information and Advisory Centre, Charles University in Prague, experienced in project work, she created an e-learning training for assistants to disabled students working at the university

Alexis Benos, Professor in Social Medicine & Primary Health Care, Head of the Committee for Social & Health Policy of the AUTh; The committee is supported by 3 members of staff: Antonis Galanopoulos - psychologist, Ioanna Paspala - physical education trainer, Spyros Kouzelis - sign language interpreter, Lina Kyrgiafini - chemical engineer, responsible for the transportation of disabled students to the A.U.Th from their homes and back; helps with the blood donation actions and the activities of the Centre for Psychological Support

Fabienne Corre Menguy, Disability Support Service coordinator at UPMC in Paris, lectures of molecular biology and genetics till 2010; she initiated trainings for students on disability awareness; she also started working with businesses to enable disable students getting into labour market.

Sophie Bravy, working at Disability Support Service at UPMC in Paris,  she is responsible for finance issues, actively involved in TSG (Transnational Steering Group) meeting of DARe-Learning project

Ireneusz Białek, Disability Support Service coordinator at JU (DSS JU); has deep knowledge and rich experience (both national and international) in the field of social inclusion of persons with disabilities; He initiated DARE projects.

Jacek Urbaniec, The Centre for Distance Learning manager at JU; he has a lot of experience in adapting e-learning platforms according to the university standards as well as in creating blended trainings and e-learning materials.

Małgorzata Perdeus – Białek, trainer, specializes in teaching of and about working with persons with disabilities; works for DSS JU; she developed theoretical and practical knowledge of methodologies in the field as well as about rights of persons with disabilities in the society; co-initiator of DARE project, author of training materials.

Dagmara Nowak – Adamczyk, Disabled students consultant, she specializes in the Deaf culture as well as in the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing persons; participants in many international conferences and academic discussions; co-created outputs of DARE and DARE 2

Magdalena Ziemnicka, Disabled students consultant at DSS JU; responsible for preparing and managing work packages in DARE and DARE 2 project.

Katarzyna Duraj-Per, Finance Manager at DSS JU, responsible for finances of each project, she creates and monitors the budget, including final budget settlements; cooperates in monitoring progress of the project.

Agata Kruczek, Assistant Finance Manager at DSS JU; involved in financial settlements of project expenses

Marta Bylica, PR Officer at DSS JU;  creating advertising and promotional materials and editing texts according to the EU requirements; cooperates with media in organising dissemination events.